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This mount is for SVX equipped with a VTD 4-speed automatic transmission. Typically found on SVX originally delivered to Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

(The buyer is responsible for ensuring the correct fitment for their application.)

Stiffer transmission mounts give you a more connected feel with your car. The KEIN transmission mount kit will reduce most drivetrain movement, which efficiently transmits more power to the ground. This means more accurate launches during drag racing and autocross type events where you do not want drivetrain slop. Another feature the KEIN Transmission mounts have is a proper interlock built into it. The stock part is held together with bonded rubber and a couple of small tabs, which means it is possible that the OEM part could fail and leave your transmission disconnect from your chassis.

Due to the stiffer bushing material, this may introduce additional NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).

KEIN Subaru SVX VTD Transmission Mount

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