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Subaru SVX Interior Dash Woodgrain and Leather


In the early 2000s, shortly after the SVX finished its production run, enthusiasts congregated online in the form of a Yahoo club. As the online enthusiast presence grew, so did the need for a better platform to house the vast amounts of information needing to be stored and retrieved by SVX fans. This is where the SVX World Network comes in. The World Network was, and still is today, the largest collection of information created from years of users contributing knowledge and discoveries in their own SVX ownership journeys, allowing others access to a wealth of information to help them in similar pursuits. This forum was ripe with discussion posts leading to plenty of new knowledge as well as new friendships. However, in any community with such an active user-base, some people are bound to disagree, leading to falling-outs. This happened with one particular member of the community, which lead him to create his own SVX forum website, the SVX World Forums, to directly compete against the SVX World Network. The once unified network became split into two. The two pages were often referred to as the "light side" and the "dark side" due to the background color for the World Network being white and the World Forums being black. SVX NATION was founded September 27th, 2015 by a couple of younger enthusiasts who saw the current segregated forum websites, and came up with the idea of launching a Facebook group to unite the two sides into one central hub for owners and enthusiasts to share knowledge, pictures, videos, and ideas and to do it in a matter much quicker and easier than the forums had allowed.

Today, SVX NATION is now the largest active community of enthusiasts from across the globe at over 5000 members strong. Join our community by clicking the Facebook link below.

[In order to keep riff raff out, SVX NATION is a private group. Make a request to join and answer the 3 join request questions and you'll be welcomed into our lovely, quirky world.]

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Our Team

The SVX NATION Team consists of a number of SVX fanatics that donate their time to help moderate the Facebook group in order to help keep it a friendly and welcoming place for enthusiasts to share ideas, media, modifications, and their passion for the world's quirkiest Subaru. 

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