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G-RACING Series: It allows 32-levels of fine adjustable damper settings and height adjustment. This setup offers a more aggressive package. They are valved differently to accommodate much stiffer spring rates. Front camber plates come standard on G-Racing. This setup is focused on drift competition, road racing and variety of motorsports use.


Gecko Suspension Systems use only the best quality components:


•SAE9254 steels springs


•Japanese NOK oil seal 


•France Total rotary dedicated oil


•Mono-tube shock design​

•G-Racing Series has 32 level dampener adjustment


•KOYO Bearings to improve handling and soften hardness of the ride.

•Pillow Ball top mounts enhance steering response

•Steel mono tube insert treated against rust and corrosion

•High Grade Italian Oil keeps temperatures low under extreme conditions.

•Aluminum alloy upper mounts corrosion resistant due to anodized finish.

•Mono-tube shock design

•Base height adjustable 

•Custom spring rates available

•1 year warranty against manufacturer defect

•Completely rebuildable (rebuild kits are available) 

Spring Rate :


Front 8kg/mm or  448 lbs/in

Rear   5kg/mm or  280 lbs/in

Custom Spring Rates Available for $50 upcharge


Gecko Sport - making OEM replacement suspension and upgrades for over 10 years.

G-Racing Gecko Suspension Coilovers 92-97 Subaru SVX

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