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Our race-proven coilovers are custom built and valved to suit your specific needs, whether it be for everyday use or pro racing. Since 2008, every CEIKA order is unique, with fine-tuned spring rates and custom shock valving to match. Our shocks are custom valved, dyno tested, and guaranteed to provide you with the closest ride quality and handling desired with this upgrade. At CEIKA, we are fully committed to giving each and every order the attention and expertise it deserves. Our team of technical experts will provide you with the best support and guidance to make sure you get the most out of your suspension kit.


Our Custom CEIKA Coilovers are used in all types of street and pro race cars all around the world, providing excellent performance and outstanding longevity. They are built to order based on three different shock design types:

  • Type 1M: A modern and versatile option with a single damping knob on each shock that adjusts compression and rebound together for a perfect match. It provides a wide adjustment range and a damping setting that is always optimal with quick "on the fly" adjustment.
  • Type 2M: Comes with external nitrogen reservoirs and separate compression and rebound adjustments for a more precise control of the damping behaviour. These will require more time to fine-tune and cannot be adjusted on the fly unless you have pre-test settings and kept notes of the numbers of clicks for each compression and rebound.

We strongly recommend the Type 1M for daily use or even pro racers who want fast and easy adjustability of the car for any circumstance. With the Type 2M, you run the risk of setting up the damping adjustment incorrectly, leading to a bad handling experience. The Type 1M will provide a perfectly safe and efficient handling throughout its single adjustment range.


Custom CEIKA Coilovers will greatly improve and renew your car's feel, providing a firm yet versatile ride that feels soft when going over bumpy surfaces. Proper fine-tuning of the coilovers, as well as installation, is important, so make sure you have this task carried out by a professional and follow our guidelines or advice.

On top of renewing your car's suspension and steering feel, this upgrade will provide:

  • Bolt-on Installation and satisfaction guaranteed
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Fully Rebuildable and Upgradable. Excellent longevity and reliability even under extreme use and conditions
  • Increased steering feel, response, and predictability with our high-performance valves and linear custom spring rates (progressive springs also available)
  • Improved traction and braking performance by reducing weight transfers and body-roll
  • Custom-built for the perfect ride feel, with the right amount of stiffness for the best handling
  • Fully adjustable height (around 10 to 12cm range depending on applications), with full threaded shocks allowing independent height adjustment from spring preload/shock travel
  • Custom height (extra lowering or lift) and customised shock travel available
  • High-quality materials, parts, and non-recycled alloys from Japan and Taiwan with ISO9001:2008 quality control

Our shocks are also corrosion-resistant and built to last, so you can enjoy the benefits for years to come. Installation is quick and easy, and we even offer a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.


We strongly advise to make sure that every component in your chassis suspensions, steering components and subframe mounts are in good working conditions as upgrading to stiffer suspensions (especially with pillow ball tops) will make suspension play and noises more noticeable and the stronger forces applied on them will make worn out mounts and bushes wear out quickly. Good condition OEM bushes or new poly bushes upgrade along with the suspensions upgrade will insure a "like brand new" ride quality.




Top Mounts
- Front: Aluminium Top Plate with Pillowball and Camber Adjustment

- Rear: Aluminium Top Plate with Pillowball


Spring Rates:

Front 8 kg/mm & Rear 5 kg/mm


If you're looking for a more comfortable ride, we can adjust the spring rates to be between -2 and -4 Kg/mm depending on your requirements and the car's suspension design.



  • 4x Adjustable + Threaded Shocks (Oil + Gaz Monotube shocks)
  • 4x Top plates (or OEM style mounting for cars with no top plates)
  • 4x Steel or Alloy bottom mounts, fully bolt-on with ABS/Brake hose brackets.
  • 4x Springs with custom rate (Cars with separated shocks and springs comes with rear height adjustable spring perches and have less spring rate choices)
  • 4x Damping knobs for shock adjustment (Around 800N for a wide range)
  • 2x C-Spanners



  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect.
  • Direct bolt-on install guaranteed: We send revised or replacement parts free of charge in case anything does not fit or perform as it should.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: we will make sure that the kit performs as you expect and help adjust or swap components if required.

    CEIKA Custom Coilovers for Subaru SVX

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