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This is a set of every item that DRW Poly makes for the Subaru SVX. It is not every bushing on the car, but just every one that is currently produced for it.

Grease is supplied with every order to lubricate the bushings before install.


Included in the kit:

-Front Subframe Bushings  D1052-SUB-SF
-Front Lower Control Arm - Forward bushings  D1032-SUB-SU

-Steering Rack Mount Bushings - D1067-SUB-ST & D1068-SUB-ST
-Front Lower Control Arm - Rearward bushings  D1033-SUB-SU

-Rear Differential Bushings  D1050-SUB-DT

-Rear Beam/Outrigger Bushings  D1035-SUB-DT
-Rear Trailing Arm - Forward Bushings  D1047-SUB-SU
-Rear Trailing Arm - Rearward Bushings  D1048-SUB-SU


SPECIAL INSTALL NOTES - BEFORE YOU START REPLACEMENT.... The original rear outrigger bushing washers, and original front subframe bushing metal shells will be reused. See the photos below for clarification of what needs done with these specific bushings.

Made of polyurethane rubber. More durable and crack resistant than OEM rubber. Although polyurethane is still flexible, it is slightly more firm than the factory rubber. This will result in sharper/better handling, but it can also cause a slight increase in vibration transfer.


**Due to the several custom options, nearly all items are made to order. Therefore, there is a 3-5 business day production time on most orders before they ship.


Only 1 color option can be fulfilled per vehicle, per order. Example: If you order 10 items for one vehicle, and choose a different color for each item, that request CAN NOT be fulfilled. You will have to pick one color for all items, for that vehicle.

92-97 Subaru SVX DRW Poly Bushings ENTIRE CATELOG

$565.00 Regular Price
$455.00Sale Price
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