1992-1997 Subaru SVX Adjustable Sway Bar End Links Rear

Both Front and rear sets (4pcs)

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Thanks to the ingenuity of our communities very own "NASA Bill", we are now able to offer our members an incredibly versatile, safe and cost effective means to tackle their custom suspension woes. 

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- Must have for those with coilovers or aftermarket springs.

- 3/8” rod (RH/LH threaded with jam nuts) with HD self lubricated end joints.

- Color coded - green jam nut is the left handed thread end.

- Not shown: nylon-insert lock nuts for the end links' threaded stud .

- Rubber dust boots and longer LH/RH rod for on car adjustment.

- For the fellow engineers out there...the end links are zinc coated carbon steel and are good up to ~4,000 lbs of static load...this should give you plenty of margin on dynamic loading.

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Adjustable Swaybar End Links

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1992-1997 Subaru SVX Adjustable Sway Bar End Links Front